Video Streaming Companies That Could buy-out #NFLX -Netflix -$NFLX Now. Look for a possible buy-out.

Video Streaming Companies That Could buy-out #NFLX -Netflix -$NFLX Now. Look for a possible buy-out.

Netflix Competitors Are Nipping At Its Heels

The point is that Netflix and video streaming, in general, are very popular – but Netflix is not the only streaming service on the market. It has some serious competitors – many of whom offer content that you can’t get anywhere else.

While some people will subscribe to additional providers, research in the Financial Times says that most stop at two services or less and PC Mag says that 75% of people do not plan on adding additional services.

As the world of streaming television develops and free entertainment alternatives are developed (like Pluto TV), the question isn’t whether Netflix will prevail. But who will buy out NFLX.

Stocks That Could Be the Next Netflix: Disney+, Comcast Peacock, ATT HBO Max, ViacomCBS, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ are all competitors to Netflix.

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